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New release: Doks v3.1.0


We just released a new version v3.1.0 with exciting new features and improvements. You can access and download it from your customer portal.

New features:

  • Landing page videos: You can now add short videos in landing page blocks. Add the internal tag #landing-video, then add a video card to your post content, optionally add a thumbnail to the card and enable loops. You can adjust the video aspect ratio and position using the same tags for images (#landing-img-3-4, #landing-img-left, ...). Video embeds are not supported.
  • More padding options for landing page blocks: use #landing-padding-md for medium padding, and #landing-padding-sm for smaller padding. Use #landing-no-padding-top to remove top padding, and #landing-no-padding-bottom to remove bottom padding.
  • New "Brands" landing block: Add #landing-brands to your landing page post, add a product card to the content, upload the brand logo as the card image (a filter is applied to the image to make it work for both light and dark theme, a monochrome, SVG or transparent PNG is recommended), give the card a title for SEO, and optionally enable the card button to make it clickable. Repeat the process for all the brands, and make sure there is no empty space between the cards.
    To replicate the same style as our demo, remove the post title with #landing-no-title and reduce the padding with #landing-padding-md
  • New option "System" for the "Default color scheme" theme setting: This will make the color scheme match the user’s OS/browser settings, unless they explicitly change it.
  • Added support for WhatsApp social icon
  • Added support for Dribbble social icon


  • Improved Javascript loading time


  • Navigation links starting with # are no longer highlighted when visiting the homepage
  • Fixed wrong font family on some Ghost cards (Button, Product, NFT, and Header)